Day 1 – Film Lighting Workshop, Lagos, January 17,  2017

Video / Day 1;
Day 1 of our 3 day film lighting workshop started with recreating a scene from the movie SELMA, which Christian was the Gaffer. The Learners setup a lighting look to mimic the practical lamp source, background texture, and soft, warm tones in the film.
Another setup was based on Christian’s work ON THE MOVIE AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS.
Throughout the day lighting theories were mixed into the conversation like ‘angle of incidence equals angle of reflection’ and some specifics on the difference in hard and soft light.
The effect of lighting on things such as composition, lending focus, and pacing were discussed. Another major conversation revolved around the effect of social and cultural norms on the lighting in films all around the world. For example, whats considered an attractive lighting color for skin tones. Another visual conversation was around how economic resources and audience expectations are intertwined.