Day 2 – Film Lighting Workshop, Lagos, January 18, 2017

Day 2 started with more theory on different light sources such as tungsten bulbs, streetlights, fluorescent bulbs, and such. Balancing those colors on camera is a process thats part of the lighting business and the class reviewed some tricks on how to setup cameras to our advantage.
Next we spent a few hours on some practical ways hollywood films use to light people. Bol lights, floor skimmers, ceiling bounces, negative fill, and more.
Next up Christian and the class setup different lighting options to deal with different physical features of the talent in front of the camera – hair, no hair, sharp angular faces, round bald heads, dark and light skin tones in on frame.
Nigeria’s hottest DP, Kunle ‘Nodash” Adejuyigbe visited the class to discuss character and how it affects lighting choices. Nodash worked with the class on a living room set featuring a young man seeking the attention of a young lady and how to light the these two characters to drive the story.
After lunch the workshop moved outside to work with daylight conditions, similar to the street exteriors very common in Nollywood films. Bouncing and controlling daylight, passive returns, and negative fill were some of the techniques that the participants setup in this hands on workshop.