Day 3 – Film Lighting Workshop, Lagos, January 19, 2017

Day 3 of Lights, Camera, Diaspora!’s film lighting workshop focused started with outdoor lighting. The professional stand-ins acted out an outdoor restaurant scene for the class to use large soft bounces and diffusions, and scrims, provided by sponsor ROSCO LABORATORIES.
Color temperature and color correction were part of the conversation as well. Often lighting requires making film lights work with natural, fluorescent, candle, fluorescent light, and street light sources.
The last portion of th workshop included a short scary film – a guy walking through a deserted lot, abandoned building and then getting killed in his car. This provided opportunities to do big ‘shadow light setups, environmental lighting, and car lighting.
The final shot of the night shoot was closeup of the ‘villain’ in our story watching the ‘victim’ go to the car. We spent some of time on figuring out angles on his particular face and hair – a common requirement for the lead taken tin a shoot.
Overall it was a productive 3 days and we are already scheduling the next workshop, featuring lighting and camera work, and organizing industry manufacturers to support this important work.