There is a desire to increase the quantity and quality of African content. With increased quality comes more opportunities for international sales,  jobs for youth and for adults, better social messaging about one’s culture and society, tourism and business imaging, and most importantly, an AUTHENTIC AFRICAN VOICE


To build capacity in media, film, television, digital, and live event you must address the lack of access to international standard training and high quality equipment int he technical fields – camera, lighting, sound, editing, and related fields. LCD! is on the ground providing access to a wide network of highly skilled mentors from Hollywood and the US film industry to mentor technicians, and increased access to quality equipment, delivered to major markets in Africa.

Mission Statement

Lights, Camera, Diaspora! is a non-profit social enterprise that bridges the gap between the African and African-Diaspora entertainment industries to progress the aesthetic quality and business opportunities for African film, broadcast and live events on the Continent and in the African Diaspora.

Vision Statement

Through collaborations in production partnerships, LCD! enhances skills of the African entertainment industry, expanding the aesthetic quality of African media and live events. We bring the skills acquired across the Diaspora to increase real knowledge transfer, expand opportunities to share content, resources, culture and self-expression with a worldwide market. LCD! creates opportunities for career and financial economic advancement for individuals and new market opportunities for people and companies. We provide a much-needed path for those in the Diaspora to connect with African businesses and cultural development, resulting in a more economically sustainable and globally unified foundation for Africans across the globe.

We build skills in the behind-the-scenes areas;
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Grip
  • Production Management
  • Producing
  • Hair / Makeup
  • Behind The Scenes Capture
  • Post Production
  • and more… (click here for more details)