LCD! does training in what is known as Below-The-Line areas.

CAMERA                       LIGHTING                                   SOUND

GRIP                              ART DEPARTMENT                  EDITING


We have been working in the US entertainment industry since 1981 and in Africa for 10 years. 3 years ago we got the idea to connect highly-accomplished Professionals from both sides of the ocean who have the right spirit for collaboration and sharing. This produces true skills sharing and capacity building.

With a long list of highly accomplished mentors from Hollywood, New York, and Atlanta, the three biggest markets in the U.S., standing by for the next opportunity, LCD! can help you upgrade the quality of you production staff, the look of your content, and the skills of your staff.

It’s good business for all involved, it’s good social responsibility, and it’s good economics!



LCD! enhances the skills of the African entertainment industry by expanding the aesthetic and behind-the-scenes quality of media and entertainment. 

LCD! builds capacity through collaborations in business, artistic, and production partnerships.

LCD! utilize skills acquired across the diaspora to increase real knowledge transfer.

LCD! expands opportunities to share content, culture, and self-expression with a worldwide market. 

LCD! creates economic advancement for individuals and new market opportunities for companies and individuals.

LCD! provides a much-needed path for those in Africa and those in the Diaspora to connect  with each other.


LCD/Africa! is partnering with the African Technology Foundation to present a high-end, international training program for African technicians to study with some of the best in the industry. LCD! Africa is a two week intensive course that transfers real world skills by using international mentors, in studio and location environments, with equipment in hand, on a quarterly basis. 

LCD/Worx! is a series of workshops for specific industry departments to discuss, analyze, and demonstrate various techniques and ideas. Set in a working environment these one-off workshops can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

LCD/MASTERS! are master class conversations with working professionals where we discuss and review higher level concepts and techniques, art, commerce, and career, as well as review films, shows, and cultural content for useful ideas and lessons. These master classes are geared towards those that already accomplished in their field and looking for next-level concepts and interaction.

LCD/ON THE JOB! provides various below the line positions to enhance the quality of your project and to contribute to the learning while in process of executing your project.


TV                                       Network                                   Sound 

Films                                  For Profit                                  Camera 

Concerts                           Corporate                                Lighting

Special Events                Non-Profit                               Editing

Live Broadcasts             Independant                          Production Management

Red Carpets                    Government                            Art Department 

Festivals                            Commercial                             Grip

News                                  Academic                                   Costume

Public/Private Partnerships                                        Hair/Makeup


Increased opportunities for equipment manufacturing and distribution

Improved quality & quantity of original African content

Better quality visual presentations 

A more authentic African voice 

Effective creative expression 

Increased international content distribution 

More employment, especially for youth

Higher income generation for companies and individuals

*It’s good business any way you look at it*



RWANDA – Kigali  

NIGERIA – Lagos,  Abuja,  Uyo

SENEGAL – Dakar 

SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town,  Durban,  Johannessburg



Christian Epps,                   Founder & CEO

Lorna K. Johnson             Organizational & Program Development

Monalisa Nwokike           Producer

Jeffri Epps                            Marketing Manager

Jeff Atlas                               Production Executive



Grazelle Howard                 King & Kairos, Development Consultant 

Leatrice Ellzy                        Beatrix Moss, Arts Consultancy

Christopher Cathcart       One Diaspora Group, PR



Mark Walton                         Onyx Media Consulting

John Simmons, ASC         Director Of Photography



African Technology Foundation,         Silicone Valley, California, USA

Rosco Laboratories                                     Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Kalahari Pictures,                                        Cape Town, South Africa

Dreamlights                                                    Johanessburg, South Africa

Kukuruku                                                          Lagos, Nigeria


US ConsulateHarare, Zimbabwe

Ghanaian Embassy To The U.S.

Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Commission

Emem Isong, Nollywood Producer, Lagos

Matthew Ohio, Music Promoter, Lagos

Michelle Bello, Nollywood Film Director, Lagos

Mandla Dube, Film Director, South Africa

Bola Bello, Producer, Lagos, Nigeria



Africa Magic                                               Lagos, Nigeria

Rwanda Film Festival                             Kigali, Rwanda

African Intl Film Fest.                              Lagos, Nigeria

National Broadcast Institute              Johanessburg, South Africa

House On The Rock Church                 Lagos, Nigeria

Royal Arts Academy                                 Lagos, Nigeria

JOMBA! Dance Festival                         Durban, South Africa


Whitney Houston               Pres. Barack Obama                                HBO

Spike Lee                                 1st Lady Michelle Obama                      ABC

Nick Cannon                          Pres. Bill Clinton                                        NBC

Kevin Hart                              Congressional Black Caucus                MTV

Oprah Winfrey                     The National Urban League                  A&E

Michael Jackson                  NFL Super Bowl                                          FOX

Stevie Wonder                       The Olympic Games                                 Nike

Barbra Streisand                  McDonalds                                                   Netflix

Paramount Pictures         Showtime

General Electric                  Animal Planet


When you support LCD! Corporations, people, and institutions benefit!

What you get in return is:

Producers  / Content Creators – A more polished look = greater network sales 

Technicians / more employment & income opportunities

Broadcasters / Improved imaging is more appealing to your viewers

Governments /  better imaging and more jobs

Community-based Institutions / Better social communication & job-training

Private Citizens / Better quality entertainment, more authentic stories



$1000 – $3000               2 – 4 hour  Master class or Speaking event

$11,500                              1 Day Lighting workshop for film and tv

$15, 000 – 20,000          3 Day Camera & Lighting / Low-Budget Film & Documentary

$35,000 – $40,000        5 Day Workshop – Camera / Lighting / Sound


Travel expenses          $2000 – $4000 per person average

*Can be much less if coordinated with other activities in your region.

Better quality entertainment, more authentic stories